Capsule coffee

With non-face-to-face subscription services booming due to the prolonged COVID-19, the coffee subscription market is also growing as consumption of drinking coffee bean coffee at home or company is preferred. 파이렉스 계량컵

Recently, the market is heating up with the emergence of rental services from mid-sized companies in the coffee subscription market, which was led by small and medium-sized businesses and startups. As places are expanded to homes and offices, and tastes are advanced and subdivided, the culture of enjoying coffee is changing.

According to the related industry on the 1st, coffee machines are becoming more advanced. If capsule coffee machines have been popular in the meantime, demand for high-end electronic and semi-automatic coffee machines is gradually increasing. While coffee capsules are set in taste and quantity, electronic automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines, called commercial coffee machines, can grind down the desired coffee beans according to their taste.

In fact, from the beginning of this year to the latest, the use of coffee machine rental has increased by 50% compared to the same period last year. Among coffee machines, expensive premium electronic coffee machines are attracting attention.

“Eura (JURA), which is highly recognizable among European coffee machines, is popular as a home and office coffee machine because it is stable in terms of price range and expertise in extraction,” said Jung Sae-bom, CEO of Beandu Daily. “In hotels, it is selected mainly for premium machines such as Franke and WMF.”.

Rental companies are also targeting the coffee machine market for home cafes. SK Magic presented ‘Philips, Lattego’ special rental service. Cheongho Nice is also moving fast by establishing a coffee business at the end of last year in line with the growing demand for home cafes.

Since the beginning of the year, Cheongho Nice has promoted singer Lim Young-woong as a model for the ice coffee machine “Espre Cafe” and has carried out aggressive marketing such as discounting rental fees. It also opened experience zones at four shared office fast five branches (Seoul Forest Branch, Yeoksam Branch 3, Gangnam Branch 4, Sinsa Branch).

Interest in top-of-the-line coffee is also increasing. The coffee industry is introducing products that make it easier to taste ‘special coffee’.

Specialty coffee has the highest score of more than 80 out of 100 points in the quality evaluation of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which strictly evaluates the flavor, acidity, body, and uniformity of coffee beans. As consumers’tastes in coffee become more diverse and demanding, specialty coffee, which boasts excellent quality and differentiated taste, is drawing public attention.

Lion Coffee presented ‘Single Origin Hawaii 100% Kona Coffee’ and ‘ Premium 10% Kona Gold Roast’ roasted with Hawaiian Kona beans. The Hawaiian Kona beans are considered one of the world’s top three luxury beans along with “Yemen Mocha Matari” and ” Jamaica Blue Mountain.”.

Kona beans, which are grown only in some parts of Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, grow in volcanic soil under proper rainfall and sunlight to provide a special flavor. In recognition of its flavor and scarcity to the extent that it is called “the scent of freshly ground heaven,”coffee using Kona beans is also served at the official White House dinner.


Lion Coffee’s “Single Origin Hawaii 100% Kona Coffee” is a product that contains the original taste of Hawaiian Kona beans. It is characterized by a combination of subtle flower scent, exotic fruit scent, and savory nut scent to create a harmonious and complex flavor.

Premium 10% Kona Gold Roast offers a light taste of Hawaiian Kona beans. Kona beans are blended at a 10% ratio, expressing the fresh and sweet flavor of Kona coffee in detail. It also leaves a moderate bitterness, acidity, and a clean aftertaste.

Cheongho Nice launched its coffee machine compatible capsule coffee ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain 100%’. I used ‘Jamaica Blue Mountain’ beans grown in the highlands of Jamaica. I was issued a 100% original Jamaica certificate from Jamaica, the origin of coffee, and Jimoka, the manufacturer.

Jamaican Blue Mountain beans are one of the world’s top three coffee beans. It boasts excellent taste and aroma that it is called ‘the emperor of coffee’. You can feel a balanced taste with a combination of sweet, bitter, and sour taste suitable for a heavy body.

Nespresso has released a limited edition of its master origin ‘Papua New Guinea’ coffee. Papua New Guinea is a wet coffee made of Arabican varieties grown in fertile soil and climate on the island of Papua New Guinea. It is a specialty-grade coffee officially recognized by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a non-profit organization under the Specialty Coffee Association.

You can feel the original flavor of the coffee and a soft body like velvet through the unique processing process suitable for the coffee production area and roasting with the hands of the craftsman. After fermentation for two days in a cool alpine region, the rich fruit scent of coffee cherries was further emphasized through a wet processing process.

CU introduced three premium coffees blended with the world’s top three beans through its own brand Delafe. The three new products are ‘Hawaiian Kona Blend’, ‘Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend’ and ‘ Yemen Mokamatari Blend’.

It boasts excellent quality by extracting Hawaiiian Kona, which features flower and fruit flavors, Jamaican Blue Mountain, which has a less bitter and savory taste, and rich fragrant Yemeni Mokamatari beans reminiscent of dark chocolate with special techniques.

“During the social distance period, the home cafe trend has risen rapidly, which has led to a growing interest in coffee, and more and more consumers are trying to experience new coffee beans,” said Chung Jae-won, CEO of Foodia, the nation’s official distributor of Lion Coffee.